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Josh Duhamel – get real

by devnym

Dear Mr Duhamel

New York Moves would first like to thank you for being part of our Spring Fashion issue. We hope you enjoyed being a part of it as much as we enjoyed working with you! That being said, we were hoping to ask one more small (hopefully fun!) favor. We have an editorial segment  called “Get Real,” a short celebrity exit interview that looks to break down the barrier between reader and talent; that is, it’s a series of thoroughly ridiculous questions.

We’d love to have your input and get your thoughts!

New York Moves

(P.S. Feel free to write directly on the page. Ink or crayon are acceptable.)

1. How would you handle the Kid’s Choice Awards if the kids chose something horrible like genocide?

I would just assume it was a typo. They obviously misspelled One Direction.

2. You beat Ashton Kutcher out for Male Model of the Year in 1997. How else are you better than him?

I also have a harder ass.

3. Were you pissed that All My Children resurrected your wife, Greenlee, from the dead, but only gave you a cock-tease of a dream sequence? Because we were.

I don’t like to talk about it.

4. You claim on your Twitter to be the 267th most interesting man in the world. Who’s 266? Can you usurp him?

John Ratzenberger

5. Was New Years Eve just a thinly veiled attempt to get the world’s weirdest cast together or did Ludacris and DeNiro have natural chemistry?

I think you’re mistaking New Years Eve with Movie 43.

6. If you weren’t married to Fergie, which member of the Black Eye Peas would be your best plan b?

Taboo. No question. Soft hands.

7.  Do you condition your hair with virgin blood? Because it’s majestic.

Mayonnaise and Soul Glo, but mostly virgin blood.

8. Congrats on the baby news!! Which dad – real or fake –  are you hoping to be most like?

Carter Pewterschmidt.

Photography: Baldomero Fernandez

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