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No matter how you slice it and dice it, charcuterie has easily taken over as the city’s winter warmer starter plate.

Bar Boulud
Sitting across from Lincoln Center, Bar Boulud presents a classic French culinary experience in a thoroughly modern and sophisticated setting with a relaxed ambience. The Parisian charcuterie uses some of the most ambrosial ingredients such as heritage pork jowl, pork tenderloin, foie gras, cherry and pistachio being brought together wonderfully in the Tourte de Porc. The server will no doubt be knowledgeable and more than helpful in making a great wine pairing recommendation. Isn’t the Parisian experience all about taking the time to savor the delicious food in your life? www.danielnyc.com

Lyon Bouchon Moderne
This bouchon serves up a modern twist on traditional Lyonnaise cuisine with decadent and satisfying dishes. In case you’re looking for some lighter fare, the charcuterie plate, served on a cutting board, is a solid choice here; it’s still presented with generous slices of varied meats, but comes with a side of assorted pickled vegetables as well. Lyon’s inventive and unpretentious food and atmosphere is definitely worth experiencing. www.lyonnyc.com

The moment you step into Artisanal you’re hit with the very intense sense that you have entered the set of a very French film. The decor is beautifully quaint, yet the dining room is spacious and airy. While this may be the mecca of cheese (they even have a cheese cave), they have a succinct selection of charcuterie, served on an olive wood board, that will surely satisfy any demanding palate. Their fondue is certainly a highlight, and you can choose a selection of delectable meats and fruits to dip into the rich cheese. www.artisanalbistro.com

Vin Sur Vingt
This West Village eatery boasts an inviting wine bar featuring a continuously rotating list of over 50 wines. The staff is warm and attentive so don’t hesitate to ask them for help in navigating their extensive selection. Their charcuterie and fromage plates are excellent, some of the best in the city, with a selection of dry sausage, garlic sausage, Bayonne ham, duck breast and country pate. While the space is small, it’s hardly a negative. Vin Sur Vingt’s intimate and cozy dining room will have you hampering to come back for more. www.vinsur20nyc.com

Alison Eighteen
This French-influenced American hotspot is no place to take just anyone. The food is decidedly delicious; generously portioned featuring seasonal ingredients prepared in a simple, yet savory, style. The decor reflects their understated and refined style of food, but hints at a playful sense of whimsy, while the service is attentive without being pushy. They do have a nice selection of charcuterie from various places of origin. Highlights are the Serrano Jamon from Spain and the Saucisson Sec from France. The wine list is short but has been methodically curated for your drinking pleasure. www.alisoneighteen.com

With a constant hum of conversation from a varied cast of characters, this bistro is ripe for people watching and for the mouth-watering French Brasserie dishes. The glow of the hanging lamps and the softly lit golden brass accents lend the room an almost dream-like quality. Start with the charcuterie plate “which is enough for two” before moving onto the main dishes, the combinations of which are well thought out, balanced and intriguing. www.benoitny.com

Plein Sud
Rustic meets modern industrialization in Plein Sud, where wood paneling and handcrafted brass fixtures coexist in zen-like harmony. Gallic classics are served on immaculately presented plates. For a “fancy” restaurant, the charcuterie with its Pate de Campagne, Oxtail, and Foie Gras Terrine remain deliciously unpretentious. You can also choose a small or large board of artisinal cured meats and cheeses. In addition, the steak tartare and escargot make excellent choices for starters. www.pleinsudnyc.com

Belleville Bistro
Reminiscent of one of those cozy, half-hidden places you might stumble upon while walking through a Parisian alleyway, Belleville is where French people go to feel French. So you can assume that a staple such as a simply delectable charcuterie plate will be a good indication of how
good everything else that follows will be. The staff is friendly and helpful and they have a nice selection of wines as well as New York City beers. This
would be a great place to visit with old friends and maybe make new ones in their adjoining lounge. www.bellevillebistro.com

A.O.C. Bistro
Park Slope is known for two things: baby strollers and good food. And for the past five years, the resdients there – and anyone who ventures out to BK – have been treated well by a cozy little French spot, A.O.C. Bistro. Located on 5th Ave and Garfield, A.O.C.’s affordable menu offers a wide variety of charcuterie, from Lyonnaise salami, dried French soppresatta, smoked duck breast, even prosciutto from the southwest of France. Try the
spicy spanish sausage for some serious kick. With its dim light and airy feel, it’ll take you back to those fall nights on the Seine. www.aocbistro.com

Bistro Citron
Entering the dining room of this adorable bistro, the first thing you’ll notice is the relaxed ambience, with sleek leather booths sitting under homey wall furnishings. Your nose will be welcomed with the
aromas of peppers, onions, lemons and buttery sauces – everything you’d want in French fare. The fare is excellent and classically French and the service will exceed your expectations. We hear the Plateau de Charcuterie is especially excellent. www.bistrocitronnyc.com

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