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“Fortunately I’m Latin and I’m born with a little bit of rhythm by default. It’s in the DNA. I have that going for me, but I’ve never been considered one of the world’s greatest dancers. I just got into the character. When it came time to do it, the adrenaline just got you pumped and the girls in the crowd started screaming [and] going crazy. And at the end of the day, I think it turned out all right.”

Many may have seen Adam in Magic Mike XXL this summer, or as Erick Delko on CSI: Miami, but if you are not a yearning woman above the age of 40 and from the Midwest—sorry for my poor poke on the overlapping audiences of the two projects—you can catch Adam in the cast of Fox’s Empire for it’s second season, a show which stars Terrence Howard and is themed around a hip hop music and entertainment company.

Rodriguez will be playing Laz Delgado, a suave concert promoter and Native New Yorker that likes to mastermind a few ‘shows’ of his own. A season guaranteed not to disappoint, other stars planned for this year include Lenny Kravitz, Chris Rock, and Alicia Keys.

This new role and cast-mates from the musical arena is quite fitting for Rodriguez after we help bring his ‘I-know-him-from-somewhere-else’ face to mind in reminding you he was in Lionel Richie’s, “I Call It Love” music video as Nicole Richie’s hot waiter turned love interest, as well as Jennifer Lopez’s, “If You Had My Love” as the hot guy oogling J. Lo on the computer screen. Sorry Adam!

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