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Do or Dine
Fois Gras Donut

Google Maps may have a hard time helping you find this hipster establishment, but once discovered, you’ll be glad you stuck out the trek. The chefs at Do or Dine are Michelin star meets Hipster mafia. They encourage their diners to be bold, which motivated them to create their signature dish: the Fois Gras donut. Stuffed with decadent fois gras blended into a plum sauce, and fried to golden perfection, can you say food-gasm?

1108 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11216

Max Brenner’s
Mexican Hot Chocolate

Chocolat may have been a fictional (except I know it’s gospel truth), but I can assure you’ll find the chocolate infusions at Max Brenner’s very real indeed. Although delectable Depp doesn’t wander the dining room, it does have another tasty concoction to titillate your buds. Mexican Spicy Hot Chocolate combines chocolate, red chili, nutmeg, and pepper that glides on your tongue like a Latin lover. With locations across the country including New York City, contemplating a tall, dark chicano couldn’t be more tempting. All you have to do is give in.

841 Broadway, NY, NY 10003

Dominique Ansel Bakery

The first inventor of what has become a food fusion craze sensation – the Cronut – Domnique Ansel Bakery has to limit its clients to only 2 cronuts per persaon so as not to sell out before 9:00am. And even then, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to get one of these latest sensations. The flakiness of a croissant complimented by the softness of a sweet donut keeps your mouth watering. If you plan on getting your hands on one of these bad boys, set your alarm to, oh I don’t know, how about before sunrise.
189 Spring St,
New York, NY

King Noodle
Kimchee Carbornara

Hidden somewhere in a land far far away, on Flushing Avenue in Bushwick, is King Noodle, a restaurant that’s revolutionizing Chinese cuisine. Sure, you can have a Doritos taco shell at Taco Bell, but have you ever had it on top of super delicious greasy noodles? Called “Chinese Stoner Food” by the locals, this cuisine can be enjoyed by all ages, at all times, during all types of recreational activities. Especially at all stages of a bender. No judgement, just crunchy chips-noodle heaven.

1045 Flushing Ave,
New York, NY

Ramen Burger

Ramen noodles are nothing new. In fact, it’s terribly difficult to claim that much-sought-after latest-to-New York monica. But over last summer, at Smorgasburg flea market in Brooklyn, the food trucks started serving a new creation that merits the term. Ramen burgers. Replacing the normal boring old buns that bookmark the meat with fried Ramen noodles gives ramen a new image – a non broke-college-kid image.These savory constructions are currently only available at the Smorgasburg flea market, but well worth the trip out.

27 N 6th St, Brooklyn,
NY 11211

Cellar Bar
Hearty Alcoholic Brother Cocktails

Alcohol is normally taken cold, or at least chilled; with the honorable exceptions of Irish Coffee, Mulled Cider, and the Hot Toddy. Soup, on the other hand, is almost always hot and savory. So how is it that one restaurant managed to get alcohol into its soup – weirdly awesome accident, or ingenious invention? Hint – the latter. Cellar Bar has created soup cocktails, drinks that have redetermined how alcohol and soup can be consumed in total harmony. Their signatures are Lobster Bisque, Herb Tomato, and Carrot Ginger. Each cocktail is infused with a specific blend of alcohol and spices designed to satisfy whatever appetite is uppermost in your mind. Well nearly.

40 W 40th St, Manhattan, NY

Zucchini Hummus Pizza

Zucchini – Vegetable. Hummus – Condiment. Pizza – Fan-f***ing-tastic. Step 1. Spread hummus over pizza dough. Step 2. Top with sliced Zucchini. Step 3. Tell your palate to RSVP, because there’s about to be a party in your mouth. Graffiti may have taken an unconventional twist to Pizza, but like the art the restaurant’s named after, it’s a beautiful thing that can be enjoyed by all: omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. Even art lovers.

224 E 10th St
New York, NY 10003

BentOn Cafe
sweet potato noodles japchae

Noodles, slippery when wet, are usually a little flimsy. The BentOn cafe however satisfies a craving for more substance with a structured, and severely distinct approach  by  switching starches from grain to potato. Sweet potato to boot. The resulting deliciously delectable noodles are drenched in soy sauce and sesame oil and made to slide right down. A treat whenever you indulge  yourself but especially after a Blue Moon or six!

123 William St
New York, NY 10038
John St. & Fulton St.

Mussels coconut chili

South Asia and Latin America, not exactly neighbors  in culture, geography or culinary technique, right.  But Rahini Bey’s Vermillion proves that their dishes mesh so sublimely well with a passion that reflects the boldness of both cuisines in an unmistakeable NYC ambiance. Cupid could not have made a better match. Don’t believe me? Try  a rabbit samosa or tandoori tilapia. Seriously.

480 Lexington Ave,
New York, NY 10017

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