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Design Competition Fall 2012

by devnym

Industry insiders – interior designers to contractors to TV show presenters – came together at TF Cornerstone’s stunning 4540 Center Blvd. hi-rise in Long Island City to participate in Moves 2012 Design Challenge with publisher Moonah Ellison. The competition was close and the judging team of HGTV’s Brian Balthazar and Jason Sheftell of The New York Daily News, had a tough decision to make… these are their results.

Tamsen Fadal,
PIX 11
Andrew Suvalsky,
Andrew Suvalsky Designs


A MANHATTAN style is like the cocktail: traditional and stylish with a quality that includes the color and ‘feel’ of one of the City’s mainstays. To be truly MANHATTAN, it must be comfortable and plush, “old-fashioned” in the sense that all the elements of design come together to make the perfect NYC pad.

Tai Hernandez,
Stephen Fanuka,
DIY’s Million Dollar Contractor


A COSMOPOLITAN style room is like the drink: sophisticated and sexy with an individual splash of color and flavor, giving off positive vibes entrenched with modern touches. In order for a room to be truly COSMOPOLITAN, it must be current, trendy, and up-to-date with a style that screams ‘today.’

The heated competition was all in the name of charity – a donation valued at $5,000 for Housing Works, an organization aimed at ending the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through relentless advocacy.

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