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Lake Bell

by devnym

photography by Jaramay Aref

Moves was unable to ask our usual offbeat questions of Lake as her ‘people‘ were unable to meet our well established modus operandi. However, the photoshoot was so successful and sexy and Lake was such a star we thought our readers would enjoy it even without the benefit of her bon mots.

Lake’s acting talents are sometimes overlooked in favor of her bewitching beauty. Yet in actuality, she has built an impressive resume with a number of standout performances including appearances in films What Happens in Vegas, Over Her Dead Body, and Pride and Glory and on TV in ER, The Practice and Boston Legal. Off-screen, she is often hailed as a style trendsetter – always stunning on the red carpet in fashion-forward outfits. Just don’t forget about her acting chops. Check out Lake in December’s It’s Complicated, opposite Meryl Streep, Alec baldwin, and John Krasinski.

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