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by Moonah Ellison
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Currently burning up screens as the beautiful Mercedes Lazaro on the hit series, Magic City, Dominik García-Lorido is a modern day siren. Eliciting a demure sex appeal straight from the past, Garcia-Lorido uses wit, charm, and humor to make her characters alluring (though her smoking hot bod doesn’t hurt either!) This 29-year-old Miami native opened up to Moves, giving us the dirt on her family, her work, and what it was like to strip down for the camera.

NYM You once came home with a fake belly button ring when you were younger and your dad flipped out. Are you a jokester? How important is humor to you?
DGL I think humor is extremely important. I’m a bit of a worrier so it’s good for me to laugh and make light of things… I’m not a big jokester but I can appreciate a good joke or laugh. Humor is a necessity in my life; nothing feels better than laughing really hard. 
How has being the oldest of four siblings shaped who you are today?
Being the oldest you pave the way for the younger ones, but honestly, my sisters are so mature and intelligent I see them more as my equals than younger sisters. We are best friends and are always together – I admire and look up to them even though they are younger than me.
‘Magic City’ is set in a very turbulent time politically in terms of Miami in the 1950s and the Cuban Revolution. Did you find yourself having to study up on that era?  
I already knew a lot about the Cuban Revolution because my parents came to Miami during it. My parents have always educated us about our family history. I looked through some books as well, though. I think I would’ve enjoyed Miami in that era because of the music. It’s my favorite era of music, and there was an elegance that existed then in the way people lived that just doesn’t exist now. I think the show benefits from this historical backdrop because it’s just so beautiful and glamorous, and a dreamlike world that you want to be part of. 
Tell us a little bit about your upcoming film, ‘Heat’.
It is a remake of a film made in the ’80s based off of a novel that William Goldman wrote, who also wrote the screenplay. The original film is very different from what our film is, this is a completely different movie. It’s been a great shoot so far – and I’m in very good company!
Do you ever worry about being type cast in “mob-esque” roles?
I’ve actually never played a “mob-esque” character. I do like to change it up with the roles I play. It all comes down to good writing and strong characters. That’s what appeals to me. I definitely always want to take a risk. If not, I won’t ever grow, and then what’s the point? 
How risky was stripping down for an episode on ‘Magic City’?
I really didn’t think it was that big of a deal. I was apprehensive at first but once we were shooting it, it was really no big deal. It was right and tasteful for the scene. 
As a beautiful young actress, do you think sex appeal distracts from talent?
I really just work hard at my craft and have never tried to rely on any sort of physical attribute. Whether I have sex appeal or not, it’s not something I think or worry about. I just focus on being good at acting and giving it my all when I go to set. And off set I surround my self with really authentic, honest people who call me out on my shit and keep me grounded.  
How did it feel to be considered on of the 50 most beautiful people? 
It’s flattering I guess, but all those things come from good PR so I find it all a little silly… Who really cares anyways? 🙂 
Dead or alive – what woman do you wish to have a drink with?
I’d love to have some coffee with Janis Joplin. She was badass, and I just love her.
Bungee jumping or surfing in shark infested waters?
Bungee jumping 
And if you weren’t acting, what would you pursue?
If I wasn’t acting I’d be so lost. 
Thank you.

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