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Bryce Dallas Howard

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Bryce Dallas Howard is blessed with natural grace. Quick to smile, with a face that is vaguely reminiscent of her father’s, and quick to laugh, with an infectious optimism, Bryce possesses that rare one-two punch: inner and outer beauty.  Because no one can deny that this woman is gorgeous. Yet when she speaks of photo shoots and filming, her preoccupation is not with her own visage, but rather with the underlying artistry. “One of the major joys of being an actress is to be the subject of various artists’ ways of expressing themselves.  It’s exciting… it’s something I celebrate and love.” We’re not dealing with your run-of-the-mill starlet, chasing dreams and bright lights. “It’s wild that I’ve actually been able to have a career and sustain my income for nine consecutive years as an actress. Emotionally, I was fully prepared to not make a living.  My parents drilled it into me just not to have those expectations.” Perhaps she has her parents to thank for her practicality. They certainly managed to raise a woman who is extremely conscientious, intuitive, and intelligent.

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