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by devnym

The United States of America…

Where socialism is contemptable

And Capitalism commendable,

Patriotic integrity is bleak.

You’ll find democracy synonymous with hypocrisy,

As politicians gallop on their high horses

Raising their hats and thumbing their noses

To anyone that supposes the country is weak.

Alliances depend on financiers of parties,

Those anonymous donors of their political martyrs

Who desperately attempt to declare their autonomy—

As if a bird can fly without wings!

Students with debts to the banks

Who owe money to the government

Which somehow owes China its thanks.

The communist cohort that never fathered ideas nor bore inventions,

But mandates their citizens to conform to convention.

A country overshadowed by political cowards and chemical pollutants

Still steals our solutions, lest we forget our singular alliance.

Across the Gobi desert, ISIS, the toast of terrorism

(Ironic vice of all vices, it’s a western invention):

Social Media: they even have a YouTube channel!

Where they garner attention from talking-head panels.

Leveraging technology with recruitment videos giving them infamy,

Behind the scenes, their torture has no boundary for brutality

Towards women, the international second sex,

Excluded from equality in more than just one context.

I’ll play the Egotist card, yes that joker, the toker, the media whore

Whose volatile campaign was about evening the score.

Against Hillary Clinton, the lesser of two evils,

A face with so many sides, she should come with a 3D easel.

But who knows by midnight on Election Day who holds the smoking gun!

With the political corruption of the DNC,

And the GOP,

There’s no victory to be won.

The United States of America…

We’re not at the top of Mt. Everest,

We can’t even see its peak.


by Sophia Fox-Sowell

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