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PW Party 2014

by devnym

The night became alive at Manhattan’s India House Club as guests began to spill through the doors in their finest gowns and dress suits, to scale up the grand staircase to the mezzanine where they were greeted with a champagne reception and cocktails created by, and using, Disaronno. Cameras flashed on the red carpet as the Power Women began to arrive, as well as the most handsome Matt LeBlanc who was charmingly joined by his beautiful daughter as a date. People mingled, music played, spirits were high, and then before anyone knew it, it was time for the main event to begin.

Our honored guest and Power Women cover, Arianna Huffington, opened the night with a wonderful speech about women needing to help each other succeed, rather than try and push each other down to look better; she touched on the importance of sleep that she discusses in her latest book Thrive, and how pertinent it is towards anyone’s health and consequently success; and then finished it up with a little self-deprecation about her thick Greek accent and, “how useful the accent is for complete and utter incomprehensibility.”

Arianna’s speech was followed by moving speeches by each of our 2014 Power Women, that all touched on their greatest achievements and how it took hard work to get there. Another theme throughout the evening was to tell their younger self not to worry, and to relax, which were words of fresh air to our younger women in the audience.

After speeches and dinner, and the delicious Guylian chocolates, the after party began where people let loose and enjoyed more Disaronno cocktails while enjoying the amazing bluegrass music by the Ebony Hillbillies, haystacks et al. As the party began to draw to a close, guests gathered their luxurious gift bags and were whisked away to remember a most memorable evening had by all.

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